I want to take a similar approach to the one from my football career, to win the game for my clients. I want to be known as the person to take the extra step.
Buying Process
Enter the market of real estate as the most confident buyer on the block. Utilizing my expertise, I am committed to not only finding you the perfect home but also one that maximizes your investment over time.
Selling process
Rest assured that your most valuable asset gets you the return it deserves. I am committed in easing the processes spanning from a free home evaluation to closing the deal.
Need help deciphering the world of Real Estate? Get expert advice on local properties, market trends, and more.
03 / Testimonials
Linda B & Andrew C.
Toronto, ON

Billy Peach is a trustworthy professional who combines a strong family background in real estate with the focused, responsive, team approach that earned him a Grey Cup ring. It was a pleasure to work with him!

Let’s start talking about the buying & selling process and find out how I can help you.
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